ALIA Schools Online Forum: Victorian Curriculum – Conclusion

Victorian Curriculum

Thank you for participating in the ALIA Schools Online Forum – Victorian Curriculum Foundation-10. Our final day of the forum is hosted by the Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS), a business unit of Education Services Australia.

Today we ask participants to take some time to think about the role that libraries and library staff play in supporting the implementation of the new Victorian Curriculum F–10. ALIA states that a key skill that school library staff bring to their role is ‘ensuring the school library collection supports the school curriculum and community’. Viewing this AITSL Illustration of Practice may stimulate some ideas about the importance of collaboration in curriculum support.

How have you tried to map library resources to specific curriculum needs? What kind of liaison with teaching staff is required to do this effectively? How do you communicate this kind of service to teachers?

Examining resources for their relevance to curriculum outcomes can be a difficult and time-consuming task. What does it mean in practice? Are resources generally relevant to curriculum at broad levels, such as learning areas or disciplines, capabilities, and cross-curriculum priorities, or at the very granular level of specific content descriptions? Do you do this work in isolation, or do you ever collaborate with colleagues in other libraries?

Would you like to see publishers, distributors, or agencies such as SCIS playing a greater role in describing how resources are aligned to curriculum?

A SCIS representative will be checking in throughout the day to respond to any comments or questions you may have.


A final note: please email if you have posted a comment and would like a Certificate of Professional Learning for your records. Certificates will be supplied as a PDF attachment via return email within 5 business days.

We thank you for taking the time to participate and look forward to seeing you again next time. If you would like to continue discussing School Library related matters in between online forums, please join us on Facebook or Twitter.



3 thoughts on “ALIA Schools Online Forum: Victorian Curriculum – Conclusion

  1. SCIS is currently researching how we can best support school libraries with data about resources that align to curriculum outcomes. It is not straightforward when we deal with Australian Curriculum, curriculum in each Australian state (which have different codes for similar or identical outcomes), and New Zealand Curriculum. We’re also looking into how to ensure this data has longevity and is maintainable over time, despite changes in curriculum.

    • I agree because I think we are all moving towards a national curriculum and so it makes more sense to map to Australian Curriculum.
      We are currently looking at mapping the curriculum through our school. Making sure all areas including the Competencies are covered at all levels. It does help to have the curriculum links in SCIS, Clickview and Scootle when we search for resources.

  2. I haven’t ‘formally’ tried to map resources to curriculum, but rather it is something that happens more informally through discussion with teachers, by viewing planning documents to ascertain directions of teaching, or when selecting resources and I know there is a gap or need. As I am at an independent school and not bound by the Victorian curriculum it will be interesting to see what, if any, shift occurs in our resourcing. I think that any extra information provided through organisations as SCIS (enormous job!) is beneficial to us all.

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