ALIA Schools Online Forum: Victorian Curriculum – Day 3

Victorian Curriculum

Diversity of Learners

Welcome to the third day of our online forum focusing on The Victorian Curriculum F-10.

Today we ask participants to take some time to explore the Diversity of Learners section of the new curriculum. Following this we encourage you to post a comment based on what you have discovered and/or how this may be used by your school.

We look forward to reading your responses.


5 thoughts on “ALIA Schools Online Forum: Victorian Curriculum – Day 3

  1. Catering for diversity of learners is a big thing at my school. We re-designed some assessment task to offer a differentiating range of learning activities. This enables student to select activities appropriate to their abilities. The aim is to ensure every students can achieve a positive level of success.

  2. The ‘Diversity of Learners’ information from the Victorian Curriculum appears at a glance to be similar to what was included in AUSVELS. We are fortunate at my school to have a ‘Learning Enhancement’ department who work collaboratively with teachers to address individual students’ learning needs. I teach a Year 7 English class alongside my Library duties and one of things we do to address the needs of our ‘Gifted and Talented’ students is to run a fortnightly Philosophy class where they work with students from different classes. Our students flourish in these sessions and really enjoy them. The ‘Diversity of Learners’ section is a valuable inclusion within the Victorian Curriculum and the detail provided is useful to guide educators as they plan for the individual needs of all of our students.

  3. The school in which I work runs an “Exploring Melbourne” program for year 9 students. In this program, students are able to choose an historical aspect of Melbourne to investigate. As a teacher librarian, I invite a class into the Library. I then sit with a student to assist her to find quality information about her topic of Melbourne. I then guide the student to select the most appropriate information sources. The final process is to help the student to work out which information from the article should be written down on her note taking sheet. I then move onto another student and repeat the process. Time spend this way is rewarding. It allows me to address the learning needs of the students in the class. Each class has students of varying abilities.

  4. Differentiation or catering for diversity amongst our learners is a prime focus of our teaching program. In my role as the TL in Junior School, I find this is a perfect opportunity to locate and supply specific resources that are suitable for learners who need a particular type or level of support (e.g. digital version of literature circle books, materials for hearing impaired students, puppets to engage /stimulate students in curriculum focus areas). The new curriculum continues to provide guidelines for ensuring that we can do this – a job that I hope is part of my everyday routines.

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