ALIA Schools National Online Forum – Commences Wed 21 October 2015


The second national professional development activity, an online forum, will commence here on our blog on Wednesday 21 October and conclude on Wednesday 28 October. The topic is: Digital citizenship.

We will explore a working definition of digital citizenship, investigate ACARA’s general capability of ethical understanding, identify how as teacher librarians we can meet the Australian Professional Standards for teachers in Standards 1, 3 and 4. In addition we will also unpack, in both the primary and secondary school settings, the issues of digital values, digital divide, plagiarism, copyright, cybersafety, social networking, sharing of work and other issues when dealing with the digital world.

Registration is free.

We warmly invite you to join in the discussion so that we gain a nationwide perspective on how the school library works, in partnership with its school community, to prepare students to be responsible citizens in the digital world.


ALIA Schools Committee

** Please note: The online forum does begin this Wednesday 21st October, there was a typo in the header for the original post which incorrectly stated it as commencing on the 28th.


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