ALIA Schools National Online Forum – SLRC guidelines – Day 5

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Welcome to the fifth day of the ALIA Schools Online Forum – Unpacking the School Library Resource Centre guidelines for self reflection and evaluation.

Today we ask participants to revisit Sections 4 of the guidelines document and share your thoughts on the following points:

  • Will you use this document?
  • What is your action plan if you do intend to use this document in your workplace? Please provide some examples if applicable.

We thank you for taking the time to participate in our online forum and look forward to reading your comments.

* Edit: We are revisiting Section FOUR today, not 5 as was originally posted. Apologies for any confusion that the typo caused.



7 thoughts on “ALIA Schools National Online Forum – SLRC guidelines – Day 5

  1. The document has come in very handy as the school I am at takes very seriously data collected from our school improvement plan. Many components at staff meetings and staff professional learning days are dedicated to analysing, planning and devising strategic plans each year. The library has undergone some staffing changes and a refurbishment. The time has now come for the library to review its services and programmes. This document is going to be very helpful in providing the direction we take. It is anticipated that work would commence in semester 2.

  2. Like Anne I wil be using the document as part of our review and planning for future resource centre services. It is very timely for me. All of the prompts in sections 1 & 2 are great reminders of the basis of our ‘reason d’etre’ and will help to give a solid, professional outcome to the process

  3. I can see that there are benefits to being proactive in the review process. Rather than wait for the school’s leadership to initiate a review, the Guidelines document could be the catalyst for a conversation between the library manager and the principal about future directions for the library. In this way we can become an essential part of the review process and demonstrate a professional approach to forward planning.
    Sandra Ryan

  4. I think that I will be using this document, but that I will not try to do everything at once. I would like to spend some time with my colleagues to work out which areas we particularly wish to work on this year, share out the tasks, and collaborate on compiling the report. In light of our upcoming refurbishment, I think that a really clear focus on Library services, student /school community needs &expectations, and communication will be my 3 top priorities for the rest of this year.

  5. Even though we have recently done a big review and are working through implementation of recommendations, this document will be useful for constant re-evaluation of our practices. It helps to step back and look at what we are doing and by having guidelines and challenging questions, we are not just thinking about what we are or are not doing. We are putting it within a bigger framework.
    A very useful document for long term.

  6. I plan to use this document as a guide in continuing to provide evidence for our School Improvement Plan, but as Kate has highlighted it’s not possible to do everything at once. It is a very useful document for reflection and planning.

  7. I will not be using most of this document as not what I do in library job. I’m going to use Section 3 part on the physical environment to see if we any areas need attention. Current my boss is going through some of the other sections. So I have had a bit to do with some of this. Will be helping with some of our policies. Which need to be update or actually written.

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