ALIA Schools National Online Forum – SLRC guidelines – Day 3

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Welcome to the third day of the ALIA Schools Online Forum – Unpacking the School Library Resource Centre guidelines for self reflection and evaluation.

Today we ask participants to share their thoughts on the following point:

  • What has been your experience with reviewing your school library?

We thank you for taking the time to participate in our online forum and look forward to reading your comments.



8 thoughts on “ALIA Schools National Online Forum – SLRC guidelines – Day 3

  1. I have never been part of a full library review before however we have been discussing in our team the need to do an internal evaluation so that we can set goals for the next few years. I think that this document will be very useful in helping us conduct our evaluation, just as it will be for those people who are engaged in a formal review process.

  2. Lots of planning time and when you work autonomously you depend on network sources and appreciate all information you receive.

  3. That’s tricky..
    first reviewing experience in a school library was when I undertook my TL course via CSU: I was working in a central school (K-12) library in NSW, and based all my policy and procedure documentation assignments (and almost every other hands-on assignment) on the library where I worked.
    Since then there have been a number of times and places where I was involved in reviewing aspects of a school library, such as physical arrangement of the collection, development of digital collection resources, position descriptions, changing service arrangements, reviewing library curriculum each term…
    However I cannot think of one instance of a comprehensive, top-to-bottom, Sections 1 to 4 review of *everything*
    Perhaps the most workable approach is a rolling schedule of reviewing certain areas of the Library? along the lines of the old riddle “how do you eat an elephant?”…

  4. I agree. I also believe that once you have done it once (and it may take all year), then you have worked out what things to measure and what you measure them with. The next time you do it, using this formula you will be able to compare apples and apples.
    I like the format. I think it provides a logical sequence for a written report and I can’t help thinking that administration will love such valuable data.

  5. I took up my role as head of resource centre a year after a review had been completed. Leadership accepted some recommendations but many were rejected. I have undertaken a review of services, role descriptions and staffing needs since then and I agree with Catherine that in order to cover every area properly it will probably take a year and Kate your notion of a rolling schedule is probably manageable for most of us. I have been told the our library will be reviewed by an outside person this gets. It will be interesting to see what the leadership hope to achieve out of this!

  6. What has been your experience with reviewing your school library?

    My experience with reviewing my school library has been very small. I am a library technician, and am doing my Bachelor of Information Studies in Librarianship. I have been asked to review the odd section or area I cover. To my knowledge we haven’t had a full review for a while. Would really like to see this happen.

  7. Our review was very affirming in many respects. The data collection from focus groups of students, teachers and parents gave great feedback for current services and suggestions for future practices. It was beneficial for all library staff to examine our roles and to question what we do and what could be removed from roles, particularly as so many things have been added to the roles. This was harder for some as they had invested lots of effort into processes and although they could see it had to be, they were reluctant.
    Formal recommendations to our school Leadership were also useful in advocating – though unfortunately many were not acted on due to financial constraints. However, we still have the data and will keep advocating for changes – eventually we may have more success. Slowly, slowly.

  8. I am a soul practitioner with 2 part-time Library Technicians. We review policies and procedures on a regular basis. I rely on my network of Teacher-Librarians for ideas and strategies. No formal review has been done yet but it is in the plan!!

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