ALIA Schools National Online Forum – SLRC guidelines – Day 1

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The school library should be part of its school’s continuous cycle for improvement. As a result a resource has been prepared to assist school library personnel in the review of the school library.

This online forum is an opportunity to explore, over the next eight days, the reasons why the school library should be reviewed, unpack the resource School Library Resource Centre guidelines for self evaluation and reflection and identify how you can plan and implement a full or partial review of your school library.

You are warmly invited to join in this discussion so that we can gain a nationwide perspective on why and how the school library can benefit from a formal review process.

Task for Day 1

Today you are invited to download and read through the guidelines document which is available HERE.

Please note that we will discuss Sections 1, 2 and 4 during our online forum. Section 3 will not be covered however you may like to complete the related checklist (found in Section 3 notes) in your own time to assess the facilities that you currently have.

Once you have read through the guidelines document, please feel free to post your first impressions. Posts will be approved by the administrator throughout the day.

We thank you for taking the time to participate in our first national event for 2015 and look forward to reading your comments, feedback and ongoing discussion points.

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4 thoughts on “ALIA Schools National Online Forum – SLRC guidelines – Day 1

  1. This is unbelievably timely for me – we have just been notified that a long-awaited refurbishment of my junior/middle school library will happen this year, starting in September! Everything in Section 3 (I know it is not included in this online forum) is relevant to our project.
    Glancing through the other sections, I feel as though we are doing well in some areas, but a bit patchy in others eg Communication: we have multiple ways of spreading information, but probably not doing so as regularly as we should.
    I am also pleased to see the emphasis on relating the school library’s achievements and services back to the school’s mission/priorities. I cannot see how to promote my Library as a central hub for learning etc etc if it is disconnected from the philosophy of the school as a whole.

    Lastly, congratulations to ALIA and VCTL on producing this guide! It seems likely to be a very handy tool.

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to collaborate on the guidelines. They certainly highlight areas that I have not documented, but also reaffirm many initiatives that I have undertaken. Our resource centre is being reviewed this term so it is great to have a document to refer to. I don’t know whether others have had the same experience as I, but the resource centre has not been included in the SIF process as a separate entity. I guess it depends on the school leadership team.

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