‘An App a Day: Mark 2′ Online Forum – Day 5 – Presentation Toolbox

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Welcome to Day 5 of the ALIA Schools Online Forum An app a day: Mark 2.

Day 5: Presentation Toolbox

Today we are focusing on apps that students can use to present their work.

  • Please take some time to consider any presentation related apps that your school uses then reflect on how the app is used, what works well and perhaps what does not work well when using the app
  • You are then invited to comment here to share your experiences with other participants

Our moderator will check in throughout the day to approve comments.

We look forward to hearing from people across Australia and thank you for taking the time to participate and share your knowledge.

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7 thoughts on “‘An App a Day: Mark 2′ Online Forum – Day 5 – Presentation Toolbox

  1. Students can choose to present their work on blogs. Students may choose to create a blog (at no cost) using Blogger. This is a powerful publishing platform that provides students with a range of tools to develop and maintain their blogs. Further, Blogger can be fully-customized by students, using Blogger’s advanced features that include HTML editing, gadget support and mobile publishing. Favourably, Blogger integrates with other Google products including Google+, Google Analytics, and YouTube.

    Creating a blog would be useful for presenting projects that span a short or long period of time – such as a science experiment involving the growth of a plant.

    Here is a link to Blogger:

  2. How long is a piece of string??? Presentation tools are prolific and we tend to allow students to choose the app which they want to use. We suggest some depending on the format required, then allow them to create their presentation accordingly.
    ComicLife and Storybird for narratives; Infographics – infogram and easily are popular; blogs are used for collaborative and research journals – we use the blog feature in Microsoft 365; Prezi is quite popular, though with the features of Mix, we are finding the students prefer it as they can embed all kinds of media very easily.

  3. I have used WordPress and Edublog. In high school, I find many of my year 9-12’s students already have a personal blog but many of the younger ones do not. As a novice blogger myself, I found WordPress and Edublog very similar (they are associated) and easy to use. There are a number of useful online WordPress help sites, including YouTube. I am going to trial it as a small class project to collaboratively develop a story-recipe book (I teach food technology at the moment). I am in the process of putting together some cheatsheets for students who aren’t used to blogging and need additional support to understand how the components of the blogging tool are interconnected.

    Having been inspired, I am investigating how to use blogging for eportfolios and how to create a community of readers modelled on the State Library of Victoria’s Inside a Dog website (http://www.insideadog.com.au/). I’d be interested to hear about anyone’s experiences in these areas.

  4. Teachers at my school have used a few different apps for students to present student work including screen chomp, Prezi and recently Haiku Deck. Haiku Deck has been great in lower primary for creating our own stories with students’ own photos and a small amount of text (the app has lots of pictures you can use also). It’s a pretty straight forward app with less choices, so easier for students to use. Two limitations with this app would be that it only allows a small amount of text per page and doesn’t have animations available, but this has been a great app for our students to start on. When we have used these apps, the main focus has been on reading and promoting reading through engaging story writing techniques.

  5. Edmodo is available as an app. However, because we have Microsoft software on the student laptops we use an Edmodo icon for students to access the programme and to present their work.

    Edmodo makes a teacher’s daily life easier by providing a safe and easy way for teachers and students to engage and collaborate for free, anytime, anywhere. (https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/edmodo/id378352300?mt=8)

    I ask teachers to ‘invite’ me to be a part of their class groups. In that way I can provide ‘teacher-librarian’ input to the teachers and students.

    We use Edmodo for:

    • Secure classroom discussions
    • Posting assignments
    • Posting feedback and awarding ‘badges’.
    • File sharing and uploading

    Key Features:

    • Classroom activity feed
    • Student progress tracker
    • Educational resource library
    • Professional learning networks

    A word of caution about storing student’s personal information on a database and a note to be aware of teaching students to practice good digital citizenship. Since the new Privacy Law came out in 2014 (http://www.oaic.gov.au/privacy/privacy-act/privacy-law-reform) schools need to have:
    – A Statement of the Cloud companies policy available to parents.
    – In our ICT policy a statement about where the information will kept geographically
    – What specific information about the student will be stored e.g. Student Name, class, DOB Gender, AGE, phone numbers etc..
    – What happens if there is a breach in security how will we and parents be notified etc.

  6. One of our library staff has used Explain Everything to create a short video which shows staff and students how to borrow an ebook, speaking over screenshots of how it looks as they progress through the stages.

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