‘AITSL Standards Forum’ Day 1 – Intro & Rationale



Welcome to the first ALIA Schools online forum for 2014 which will be held from Tuesday April 29 to Thursday May 8. The topic for this seminar is ‘AITSL Standards: teacher librarian practice’and is a follow on from the August 2013 online forum whereby feedback was sought from participants on the draft document AITSL Standards: teacher librarian practice. The document has now moved into full final copy and is now available, free, to all members of ALIA Schools.

The document can be accessed via the ALIA Schools website or Google Drive.

Over the course of the eight days of the online forum, we will explore a specific focus area and its associated practice and evidence from each Standard. Using the document titled AITSL Standards: teacher librarian practice participants will need to familiarise themselves with that specific focus area and provide comment or feedback on how the teacher librarian can meet that part of the Standard. Also in the discussion we are keen to learn how teacher librarians gather their evidence as well as how the Standards are used at your school.

Registration is free and participants who choose to comment throughout the forum will be entitled to claim PD points and request a certificate as proof of participation at the conclusion of the forum.

To post a comment, open the relevant blog post and scroll down to the bottom where you will find the ‘Leave a Reply’ section. Sometimes comments will not automatically appear as a moderator needs to approve the first comment for each new respondent. Our moderator will check in throughout the day to approve comments.

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Day 1

Today’s task is a simple one to get us all started! Please download and browse the AITSL Standards: teacher librarian practice document (also available on the ALIA Schools website if the Google Drive link will not open at work) and familiarise yourself with it. We encourage you to read the rationale and organisation sections on page 1 to assist you with understanding why the document was created and how to use it. Tomorrow we will begin to focus on specific standards and share ideas.

We look forward to your active participation as we gain a nationwide perspective on how the Standards are being used in our schools.

Image: http://www.aitsl.edu.au/


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