‘Aus. Standards’ – Day 4-5 – Comments and Questions

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Members of the ALIA School’s Group have drafted a document that includes specific examples of practice that teacher librarians of each level can implement to meet the AITSL standards (i.e., a teacher librarian who is operating at a proficient, highly accomplished or lead level).

Today we’d like you to recall Friday’s task of reading through the drafted document of examples of how teacher librarians can address the standards. We welcome your feedback. Perhaps you have comments about the examples in the drafted document? We wonder if you have questions about some of the proposed examples? Today, we’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to spend some time today and tomorrow posting your comments and questions about our draft document. We are also excited about hearing your comments to do with others’ responses about our drafted document.


3 thoughts on “‘Aus. Standards’ – Day 4-5 – Comments and Questions

  1. As I wrote the Lead Primary practices and activities I am looking forward to some feedback regarding the feasibility or the accuracy of the practices/evidence recorded. Can TLs attain a certified Lead qualification? Is there enough ‘library’ activities?

  2. As per the draft document, the recorded practices of a Lead teacher librarian in a primary school are accurate. However, given the number and complexity of practices, the feasibility of a primary school Lead teacher librarian implementing those practices throughout a year may be questionable for some Lead teacher librarians working in primary schools. A supportive work environment is needed for Lead teacher librarians to carry out their practices in an efficient and effective manner. Many schools might need to appoint another qualified teacher librarian or a library technician to facilitate the lead teacher librarian doing his/her job to full capacity.

  3. Reading the draft document makes me realise how busy a teacher librarian at any level is on a daily basis. The range and breadth of activities or focus areas and the evidence to support it is breathtaking and could be almost impossible for a librarian who is a ‘lone ranger’ (and often only a part-time one) to be able to achieve all aspects. Even with the support of technical, para-professional or in the case of a Lead teacher librarian, other professional staff there is a lot to manage and implement.

    I think the draft ALIA AITSL Standards provide us with a fantastic tool to guide and direct the practices we should be aiming to achieve and aspire to. But certainly am mindful that not all teacher librarians will be able to do as much as they would like to.

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