‘Aus. Standards’ – Day 1 – Website Orientation


We encourage you to spend some time today exploring the AITSL website, including the standards at each practice level (i.e., a teacher libraian who is operating at a proficient, highly accomplished or lead level). You can explore the site from the main page here: http://www.aitsl.edu.au/ or begin with the standards here: http://www.teacherstandards.aitsl.edu.au/

Feel free to post comments about the AITSL website or standards in general today.


4 thoughts on “‘Aus. Standards’ – Day 1 – Website Orientation

  1. I know that I am a day late with my comments, but I found the website very interesting from a Teacher Librarian perspective. It is valuable to see standards expressed as a rubric, and sometimes confronting as we all can become complacent sometimes about what we do and how we do it!

  2. Having lurked for several days on this Online forum about the Standards, I’m eventually ‘putting pen to paper’. The depth and huge quantity of material on AITSL website is both encouraging and daunting. Encouraging in that it provides so much support, guidance, resources, practical examples and tools to assist us in our practice and daunting because it provides us with the opportunity and template to do so very much – and even though I’ve recently retired, I know that as practitioners, teacher librarians already have much on their plate.

    I particularly liked and found valuable:
    • the teacher videos in the Illustrations of Practice section and the levels. There is nothing like seeing a concrete example to make clearer the ‘how to go about it’.
    • The Resources section: particularly the short and long versions of unpacking the standards I also thought the Performance and Development section was particularly practical and useful

    I could continue with more, but suffice it to say that I see the Teacher standards part of the AITSL website as providing all teachers with a wealth of ways in which to learn how to improve, expand, enrich and document their practice.

    My apologies for the raft of platitudes sprinkled throughout this comment.

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