Upcoming Conference: School libraries making a difference (Melbourne)


What is your evidence and how do you get it?

Melbourne | Monday 17th June, 2013

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A one day seminar with Dr Ross J Todd and Lyn Hay

The recently released Australian Parliament report “School libraries and teacher librarians in 21st century Australia” explicitly addresses the potential of school libraries and teacher librarians to contribute to improved educational and community outcomes”. It challenges teacher librarians to move beyond reporting anecdotal evidence of impacts to developing more systematic approaches to documenting this evidence.

This program responds to the challenge provided by the Australian Parliament by providing professional opportunities for teacher-librarians and classroom teachers to further develop experience with identifying the specific nature of the impact of school library initiatives on student learning outcomes, and to develop a range of systematic strategies / techniques / measures that they can use to demonstrate that their library makes a real difference to educational and community outcomes in their school.

This seminar will:

(a) provide teacher librarians with a range of strategies, initiatives and measurement techniques that will enable them to carefully and effectively chart and document the tangible learning outcomes of their teaching-learning activities.

(b) explore a range of existing tools and measures for charting and documenting evidence on educational and community outcomes.

(c) enable teacher librarians to be able to build a portfolio of local school evidence of the importance and value of the school library to their school communities.

(d) provide approaches and strategies for the strategic dissemination and use of evidence in school and communities.

To register visit http://sybasigns.com.au/BookingRetrieve.aspx?ID=228471

Registrations are required by 17 May. Don’t miss out on this event.


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