‘An app a day’ – Day 3 – Pocket

An app a day – Day 3: Pocket

app pocket

Cost: Free

Suggested user group: Staff

About the app: Pocket (formally named ‘Read it Later’) is one of many apps that allow you to save things you find on the web to read at a later time. Pocket can be synced across devices so that you can read the items at a time and place that suits you. It can also be integrated with other apps such as twitter or flipboard so that you can save items straight into Pocket.

Visit the developers website here: http://getpocket.com/

Or visit the following link for help guides and FAQ for different devices: http://help.getpocket.com/

What to do now:

  • Download the appropriate app for your device from the links below (If you are reading this post on your device, tapping the link will redirect you to the Apple App Store/Google Play Store)
  • Open the app (and sign up if required)
  • Spend a bit of time today experimenting with the app to get used to how it works

Apple app: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/pocket-formerly-read-it-later/id309601447?mt=8

Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ideashower.readitlater.pro&hl=en

What to do later today:

Now that you have had experiences with the app, it is time to share your thoughts and ideas with your colleagues about how the app can be useful to teachers and/or students. Feel free to express your opinions by clicking on ‘LEAVE A COMMENT’ at the bottom of this post and filling in the required fields in the pop up box. Please note: posting comments allows you to claim participation towards your PD hours.

The following are some suggested comment starters but feel free to discuss anything you feel is valid:

  • How could you use this app to assist yourself in your personal work duties?
  • How could you use this app with students?
  • If you are already using this app, how have you been using it yourself/with students?
  • Do you have any alternative apps that fulfil the same purpose that you would recommend? Is one app preferable to use?
  • What are your general thoughts about the usability of this app?

Hope you all enjoy experimenting with this app today and we look forward to reading your comments!


8 thoughts on “‘An app a day’ – Day 3 – Pocket

  1. Not sure how useful this app will be as you have action on iPad where you can save articles to read later.

  2. I like Pocket because it allows users to store a range of material including YouTube clips. These can be watched or viewed later without having to use an internet connection.
    A similar app is Instapaper which is great for storing long articles. So if I found a journal article that I wanted to read at a later time, I would save it in my Instapaper account. Here is the website for creating accounts with Instapaper:

  3. I hesitated in looking at this app as I use Evernote for everything from clipping notes from websites to writing and editing notes etc which can also be viewed offline and on all your devices. Anyway I thought I would give it a go as it links with flipboard and twitter which I use. However, despite it being easy to use and having an appealing interface I think I will be sticking with Evernote as my useful app to store all types of information which can be sorted into different notebooks, tagged, edited and accessed anywhere.


  4. I have been testing out this app over the last few days and I quite like it because it can be used across devices. Pocket has allowed me to save articles from my desktop at home, my work laptop and my iPad to a central location so that I can read it on any device at a time that suits me (I caught up on a few articles via my iPhone this morning while waiting for breakfast in a cafe which I could not have done before as everything was saved on other devices).

    The one feature that does bug me a bit was that I had to email each article to Pocket in order to store it. It would be great if it was integrated into safari on the iPad so that I could just select to add it to Pocket immediately. This is really only a minor complaint though.

  5. I use pearltrees for curating my web findings. However, I was keen to try pocket too. It isn’t as quick to use because sometimes it has taken quite a while for the links to come through into pocket. Not sure that Ibwillc not inure with this one long term.

  6. I found this app very useful. I never knew this sort of thing existed. Good work to to the organisers who chose this app.

  7. Pockets enables you to save things that you read online to allow you to come back to them later. I used it this morning on the train as I knew the connection would disappear at times! It was pretty handy. Pocket can be integrated with twitter etc as well. It is like having another type of Diigo. Our students may use it if they are reading articles or researching things online and they can come back to their findings later.


  8. Have put Pocket on the iPad but not really used it to its full extent yet. Through the Vic PLN it was demonstrated and people who used public transport raved about how good it was to be able to catch up on their reading without needing internet access and when they had the time. As for me looks like I need a job where I catch a train and not drive.

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