‘An app a day’ – Day 1 – School A to Z

An app a day – Day 1: School A to Z

 app school a to z

Cost: Free 

Suggested user group: Students

About the app: Developed by the NSW Department of Education and Communities this app is primarily aimed at helping parents to understand and support their child’s homework. However, this app is also useful for teachers and students as a reference tool.

You can read more about the app here: http://www.schoolatoz.nsw.edu.au/about/mobile-applications/school-a-to-z

What to do now:

  • Download the appropriate app for your device from the links below (If you are reading this post on your device, tapping the link will redirect you to the Apple App Store/Google Play Store)
  • Open the app (and sign up if required)
  • Spend a bit of time today experimenting with the app to get used to how it works

Apple app: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/school-a-to-z/id434596986?mt=8

Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.msk#?t=W10.

What to do later today:

Now that you have had experiences with the app, it is time to share your thoughts and ideas with your colleagues about how the app can be useful to teachers and/or students. Feel free to express your opinions by clicking on ‘LEAVE A COMMENT’ at the bottom of this post and filling in the required fields in the pop up box. Please note: posting comments allows you to claim participation towards your PD hours.

The following are some suggested comment starters but feel free to discuss anything you feel is relevant beyond this:

  • How could you use this app to assist yourself in your personal work duties?
  • How could you use this app with students?
  • If you are already using this app, how have you been using it yourself/with students?
  • Do you have any alternative apps that fulfil the same purpose that you would recommend? Is one app preferable to use?
  • What are your general thoughts about the usability of this app?

Hope you all enjoy experimenting with this app today and we look forward to reading your comments!

Image: School a to z


9 thoughts on “‘An app a day’ – Day 1 – School A to Z

  1. This is a good starter for both parents and students. For instance, primary students might feel hard to work with their assignments. The Assignments A to Z has plenty of resources for them to start with. Parents also have great information to work with their children.

  2. I love this app. Another English teacher recommended it to me a few weeks ago. It is easy to use and the English examples provided are all good quality.

    I mainly use it to display definitions and examples in class via the electronic whiteboard as the terminology is appropriate for the students and they can refer back to it via their own devices later while completing activities and homework.

    The assignments section is also very useful as each of the topics have key points listed and links to authoritive websites. This is very helpful when I am involved in research classes with different groups of students.

    Other staff in the school find the technology section helpful for defining terminlogy that students are using such as ping, rss feeds, lurking, MMORPG, etc…

  3. In the Technology section, I liked the information about Copyright. The language was easy to understand. I also appreciated the link (at the base of the page) to the Australian Copyright Council (i.e., copyright.org.au). This will be handy in future when I am explaining the concept of Copyright to students.
    Another appealing part of the Technology section was the Cyberbullying page. It provided brief and relevant information, including what parents need to do if their children are being cyberbullied.
    Thank you for introducing me to this app :-).

  4. At first I felt the app may have been too young for us and more suited to primary school students, however, on examining further, I think it could be really useful for a much wider range of ages and abilities. It would act as a great reference source for essential vocabulary. The research links, if promoted well to students and parents are of high quality and might go some way to providing an alternative to google as the first stop for student research.

  5. I think this app is great! I have shared it with our staff and also the parents and have had some very positive responses. I “played” with it last night and can see how useful it could be especially since it is in alphabetical order!

  6. We already have this app available to our prep schools. Having seen it now I think it could be very useful for Year 7 and maybe some Year 8’s. I liked the English and Technology sections in particular. Both are very informative, helpful and very easy to understand.

  7. Enjoyed exploring this app. What a great resource not only for students to practice spelling, tables and understanding different terms etc used in various subjects but for parents to have a resource which gives them confidence to be able to help their children with assignments and understanding unfamiliar terms (especially when it comes to maths and technology). What I really liked is the broad range of subject matter covered within one app and the useful links to relevant information in the assignment block. I will share this app with fellow colleagues and teaching staff.

  8. I liked this app and could see the uses for it in secondary schools in Victoria. My first thought was “What is the Victorian Education Department offering?”

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