Online Seminar: How to Post a Response

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Our online forum ‘An app a day’ will commence tomorrow morning with our first focus app. The six apps featured are those that the members of the ALIA Schools committee find useful in their working (and sometime personal) lives.

Each morning before 9am(AEST) a new post will appear here on the ALIA Schools blog with instructions for downloading the app and information about it. There are Apple and android versions of the apps available each day and all apps are free.

You will then have an opportunity to experiment with the app throughout the day and to post a brief (or long!) comment relating to the app. A range of comment starters will be provided to help you begin. Posting a comment gives you proof of your participation and therefore allows you to claim your contribution towards your PD hours. Don’t be scared to post, it’s easy and your colleagues would love to hear about the range of ways school libraries are using apps along with your thoughts regarding implementation for the future.

Please note: Comments are moderated so your comment will not appear instantly. Our blog moderator will check in several times throughout the day to approve comments.

Commenting instructions for participants:

(You do not need to sign up for a WordPress account in order to participate.)

Below are screen shots of what you will see when posting via a computer/browser. This may look slightly different if posting via the WordPress app but the process is basically the same.


Open the blog entry you wish to respond to and scroll down to the bottom of the entry where you will see the following box.

leave a reply 1


Click in the box that says ‘Enter your comment here’ and the following will appear.

leave a reply 2


Fill in your comment in the top box and then your email address and name (required fields). Your email address will not be made public so you can enter your school or home email address. If you are not comfortable leaving your full name, you can use initials, your first name, or an appropriate pseudonym/alias.


Finally, click the ‘Post Comment’ button and your response will be sent to the blog moderator for approval.

Now that you know how to post a comment, take a minute to practise by responding to this entry and say hi to your fellow participants 🙂

Images: WordPress and CC Fickr by dougbelshaw


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