Online seminar 1-8 May 2013: ‘An app a day’

app a day banner

Everyone is invited to participate in our first online conference for 2013 “An app a day”.

Each weekday morning for the duration of the online seminar, a starter post will be uploaded here on our blog. The post will indicate one or two apps that we believe teacher librarians and other school library staff members would find useful. Two of the days will focus on apps that could help staff, and the other four on apps to use with students.

All participants are encouraged to download the suggested app each day, try it out, and post a response. This could be a comment on the way you might use it in your school, suggestions for alternative apps, etc… By posting a response or participating in the conversation, you will be able to claim PD hours. (Specific instructions for commenting on the daily posts will be uploaded to the blog on Tuesday April 30, 2013.)

All of the recommended apps will be free with both apple and android options available.

We encourage you to follow our blog (sign up instructions are detailed below) as you will then receive notification via email when the blog is updated.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you next week!

Image: CC Fickr by dougbelshaw

Instructions for signing up to follow the aliaschools blog:

Click the ‘+Follow’ button which is located at the bottom right-hand corner of your browser window (circled in yellow):


Enter your email address as requested and click the ‘Sign me up‘ button:


All done! Just keep an eye on your inbox for updates.


4 thoughts on “Online seminar 1-8 May 2013: ‘An app a day’

  1. Just checked out the app, I loved the English section gave great definitions with links to examples . Check out blank verse

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